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What Is Fam Anon Actually?

A worldwide organisation of friends and family members influenced by someone else's substance abuse, or similar problems, is called Family Anonymous. Different Fam Anon member groups in various locations across the county meet frequently. You don't have to be a member to attend the meetings, it is encouraged that any worried person does.

In 1971, the Fam Anon was founded by a group of families in America. 1980 marked the formation of the first group in London spearheading creation of 50+ groups with common goal in different parts of the country.

Fam Anon fellowship member groups are self-help organization that run 12 Steps and 12 Traditions programs founded on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can It Help?

Fam Anon groups provide a platform for members to share drug and alcohol abuse concerns, learn from encouragement and experience from group members' in dealing with the delicate issue of challenges of family member's addiction. The group members learn how to come to terms with the problem disturbing their lives.

Best assistance for individuals fighting to drop drug addiction comes from the love of family and friends

For people attending these meetings and groups is an amazing approach to help them and grapple addiction issue. Sharing of concerns and difficulties stirs individuals in the group to take a stand against drugs.

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Drug dependency is a common thing in today's world which in most cases bring chaos to the addict's life, but also to the lives of the addict's friends and families. This is so difficult for those who have children's, families or loved ones using drugs and dependent on drugs, they become emotionally, physically and mentally unstable. The loved ones observe miserably watch them suffer and it's really to manage this situation. Families Anonymous helps parents, companions, spouse and relatives.

Families Anonymous (FamAnon) is a fellowship based on self-help that has spread across the world in which loved ones of drug addicts and those with behavioural issues gather. FamAnon, formed in the UK in 1971 by a group of affected Los Angeles families, run similar Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous program. They started their first group in London in 1980, and now around 50 groups are working in different areas of UK.

Supporting family in dealing with the addict and focusing on them is what the programme is all about. It offers a path to tranquillity and to getting their lives back on track for these people.

Families Anonymous works from various perspectives. Sharing of common problems is where it basic strength comes from. No fee is required for membership or meetings. Fam Anon solely depends on internal resources to run its program activities. The office is staffed by volunteers and funded by the sales of Fam Anon literature and by voluntary contributions given at the meetings.

Only first names are given at Fam Anon since it is an anonymous programme.

Attendees try to understand how to cope with the issues that are disrupting their lives in these Fam Anon groups.

Members adopt an honest and consistent approach towards the addict by attending meeting. That often causes them to understand that the addict needs assistance to live a drug-free life.

The broader mean of helping family and friends simply implies helping them in critical situation in drug and liquor addiction.

Professionals like you that are in a place where you can engage individuals that suffer and that might never know about Fam Anon otherwise can get copies of any important literature at the lowest price in any amount necessary.